Andrena Phillips, CEO & Founder is a dynamic Master Life Strategist (Personal Development), Motivational Speaker & Published Author. Her company KeepMovinWithAndrena is one woman’s effort to spread empowerment through a movement dedicated to helping women build a conscious awareness of their purpose— the first step to living a purposeful life. Our mission is simple: provide every woman with the equipment she needs to exercise her right to the bold and unapologetic life of her choosing.


Read Andrena’s Q&A Interview with us and be inspired.

Who or what inspired you to start your business?

The journey I encountered from despair, depression & doubt made me pick to fight back. During my travels along the way, there was nobody educating or empowering me along the way. This was a motivating factor for me to understand this is my journey. I must take ownership of what I wanted out of life. As I gained the momentum to grow I gave birth to the business so I could reach back for those who needed the same thing I needed but didn’t have, accountability, cheers and support.

“Change is hard but it’s necessary.”

What motivates you when you are faced with adversity?

I never want to go back to the place I fought from. Adversity is part of the journey to self discovery, success and setting the tone for your life. Many times we run from the oppositions versus sticking it out, learning the lesson and making the necessary changes. Change is hard but it’s necessary. Many times people want change but not the work that requires you to show up, face what you swept under the rug and the willingness to admit you are imperfect. Once you get a taste of victory you will not be one to step back into the pits instead keep building your pretty, purpose and palace.


What has been your most satisfying or rewarding moment in business?

The satisfaction of my clients or audience who encountered interaction with me understand their worth. The AHA moments makes them realize how important their existence is, with work they can have the life they desire and the willingness to work for it. My heart does cartwheels when I see a woman owning her greatness, giving herself grace and showing up confident in her most authentic self. The work is for you and once you obtain it I promise you will never look back again.


“You are your greatness investment, your own hero and there is no other like you”


What is your take on woman to woman inspiration?

Empower women empower women. Locking arms with another woman to stand together is exciting and life-changing. Not everyone is a woman who is in competition, jealous or envious of the next. Unfortunately, this is what has been taught and many have come accustomed to this scenery. This is not necessarily true. Women come together to make an impactful positive life changing experience happen. It’s about surrounding yourself with those types of women who are trailblazers setting a standard for those who want to step in the arena and grow with them. I am grateful for the women I have encountered in my personal and business life. The women are teachers, nurturers, counselors, mentors and sheroes who instilled in me to birth what I carry, reach for the stars and don’t be guilty of my rewards, I earned every bit of it. This is the lane I now drive to empower, motivate and transform you to your next level of living with no apologies but owning your greatness. Simple put: You are AMAZING…OWN IT!


What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

You are your greatest investment, your own hero and there is no other like you. Embrace that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, then show your footprints so the world will know you exist with a purpose greater than you.


How can people connect with you online?

FB/IG/Website: KeepMovinWithAndrena

FB Group: The Growth Lounge With Andrena

Twitter: AndrenaKMovin

Podcast: I GOT HER


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