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First, let me start off by saying THANK YOU for your time that you stop by to check out my passion, purpose and movement. I am so excited everytime you come through, visit often friend.

So now that you ready the bio/credentials under About ME section if not slide over there if you want to know a something about your favorite! Lets get to the most important thing for me as a Personal Development Coach…SELF Love!

Self LOVE….If loving me is wrong I don’t want to be right!!

I know that is somebody song but I added my twist, anywho….New Year New You is the motto right? How you love you is how others will too, this is so true. If you don’t believe me look around your life, everything is a reflection of you. Guess what? You set the tone in your life how you will be loved and receive love, so how is loving you looking at this moment? Since its a new year let me correct myself a new decade let’s kick it off with SELF Love. Self love starts from within and reflects on the outside, trust me if your not loving you completely and authentically it shows, trust me it shows. How does it show if I mask my hurt and bury my pain? How does it shows when I say yes when I should say no? How does it show when I say I am good but in reality I am suffering in silence? It shows in your actions, the words you speak and what/who you accept in your life. Oh dear, it shows. I don’t care how you to try to mask issues rather in eating, drinking, sex or overindulging in other things no self love will have you to attach toxic people, places and thing. You cannot requires others to love you but you neglect you. The love you give to others learn how to pour it back into you with no guilt, shame or apologies. Learn how to be selfish in your life with loving and taking care of you so you can be successful with really living your best life not just singing the chorus.

First, lets start off by defining what self love is.

Self love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Let me added to the definition not limited to just the physical part but the whole being.

Let me ask you: ………….What is your definition of self love to you?

Since you ask me about my definition I believe its loving the whole temple in the best way possible with nothing but the best. Simply put, love thyself. You cannot love another person unless you love yourself and nobody can out love you loving yourself. Many times we put the needs of others before our own but you must remember, you cannot serve from an empty well. If your tank is empty how can you give anyone the overflow. Starting today, get a new definition of self love, be committed to loving you everyday and put the actions behind your word.

Allow me to get you started with 7 AHA Moments:

1. Know thyself. People who give themselves the love they give to others know exactly who they are, live who they are and make no apologies about it. Be purposeful and authentic in your living. Your life represent who you are!

2. Self care. Taking care of the whole temple consist of mind, body and soul. Nourish all parts of your well being trust me, “self-care does you real good.” Name it your ” Me Day.” Find a DO Not Disturb sign and be NOT Disturb. Disconnect, Detach and Decide on what loving you should be, feel and look like. Trust me, real life is not always being connected. My day is Sundays.

3. Boundaries. Set the standards for others to respect. The respect you show you others will follow. Set boundaries that includes family, friends and with everyone. Boundaries saves your energy, time and space.

4. Forgive yourself. You are not perfect so get over it. You are human! Guess what? you will make mistakes during your life journey. So get over thinking you must be perfect for your imperfect journey. Dust yourself off, learn from the lesson and keep moving. Who is perfect? Raise your hand now. Who don’t need life makeover? Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all are a work in progress.

5. Be Intentional. Live you best life with intentions. If I can encourage you don’t live your life in vain live it full with intentions and I guarantee you will experience a different greater realm. Write your own chapters for others to read, this is your life journey love, respect and honor it anything else is irrelevant.

6. Create a self love ritual. Your ritual is setting the tone for the love you want to show yourself everyday. Design your day by setting up acts of love you will use to jumpstart your day. Examples: prayer, meditation, journal, reading, exercise, yoga, speaking words of affirmations ( I love me, I love me, I love me) anything that grow you greater incorporate in your day.

7. DO YOU. My favorite one. At the end of the day and beginning of the morning nobody can do you better than you everyone is taking anyways and who wants to be somebody else when you are fearfully and wonderfully made being you. Love you more daily yourself will thank you.

Do you realize YOU is used multiply times? You know why? Everything is about you for you and in you. Begin your life journey with self care and I promise you will attract the love you deserve by starting with you.

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Stay Amazing

Love Your Favorite,



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