We are women, and we have history. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Women History Month is an annual celebration of the accomplishments of women in history. It launched in 2006 as a movement to recognize and celebrate the contributions of all women across time and culture, regardless of where they were born or what they did for a living. How can you keep celebrating women’s history month while also creating change in your own life and around the world?

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Women’s History Month beginning with you:

Celebrate your own achievements FIRST

When you’re celebrating women’s history, you’re not just celebrating the people, you’re also celebrating your own accomplishments. Celebrate your 50th birthday, your job promotion, your marriage, or any other milestone in your life and reflect on what you’ve done to deserve it and what you’ve done to promote women’s progress. Celebrate your life and the life of your family and remember that you’re not alone.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do

Go on a trip of a lifetime, a shopping spree, winery or plain and simple do something to make you say, “I DID THAT!” Life is way too short to be second guessed and not living but existing. Live out your fantasy before you get stuck in the everyday mediocre life. You know, the picket fence, kids, job, blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, all of that is beautiful but celebrate the woman you are and the journey you travelled. Don’t forget the woman in the mirror, she is a bad mama shut your mouth! She is probably waiting on you to start living again. Do something to shake your life up!

Recognize the milestones of your life

If you’re celebrating your life and milestones, you can either list them all in one place or break them down by year. If you’re listing them all,divide them by year by listing them by month. If you’re just celebrating one milestone, list it by year. For example, if you were born in January, list your birthday and January 1st.

Tell your experiences so your name can be part of history

If you’re celebrating your own life, make sure the story gets told, know that there are many other women who have much to be thankful for by hearing your story. It is not true that the experiences that you have experienced as a woman will not inspire other women to pursue their dream life. It is true, the women are waiting for you to arrive, so go ahead and go forth. Even if you share your life journey about womanhood whether in speaking, writing a book, or both, please understand that you help another woman in her journey. I want to encourage you, there is history in you, share it.

Every day is Woman History Month in my book, but I challenge you to start celebrating your womanhood daily. You are the only woman like her, and that is your SUPERPOWER.

Cheers to being the most amazing woman here!

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