As a senior in high school 5 years ago I had to make the decision of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and the only thing I knew was I wanted to be happy and financially stable. From there I went on a search for who I was, what I enjoyed and what impact I would make in the world.

I was blessed enough to have a mother who’s a hairstylist and father who has been a entrepreneur for over 30 years who supported me and whatever decision I made.

I ended up deciding to not go to college and get mentored directly by my father Samuel Ellis in his company Jim Reynolds Asphalt Seal-coating. Through that company I learned “everything entrepreneurship”. He taught me about marketing, branding and more. He also introduced me to different mentors he’s had through online marketing. I traveled around the world to different seminars and workshops to learn from the best about online marketing and how to build successful businesses.

It was truly such an inspiring experience because I was able to witness people who were truly doing the things they enjoyed. From there I knew I wanted that to be me! I went on to begin blogging about everything I was learning which then turned into a book entitled “Fail to Success” which later became a #1 Amazon Bestselling book. After, that Fail to Success marketing and branding firm was born. I began to not only grow my personal businesses but also used the knowledge I was learning to help other small businesses grow as well.

I realized how much entrepreneurship could truly help others grow and become who they truly wanted to be if they followed their passion. It’s truly amazing to run a company and do the things you truly enjoy daily. There’s so much power in living a positive lifestyle and learning new things daily that can help you grow as a person.

Today at the age of 23 years old I’m VP of Jim Reynolds Asphalt, Co-Owner of Fail to Success and Co-Owner of M+A+F Gallery & Café as well. As a young entrepreneur I take pride in being able to help as many people as I can become their version of successful. Let’s dive into a bit self care since we just leaped into a new year.


Self Care Running a Business


Self Care has become a huge topic because people are starting to realize how miserable their lives are because they’ve been focused on everything but the most important thing… THEMSELVES.

As humans we want to give are all to people, places and things until we are drained with nothing left to give. Now we are learning how important it is to pour into ourselves first so that we can then really pour into others something even more amazing! In this article, you will see my 4 go to self care techniques for business owners, entrepreneurs and self employed folks!

  1. No, No, No!

Sometimes in order to say yes to yourself and your business you have to say no to others. One of the things I learned quickly was how to make time for myself and my goals first. When we wake up our day is normal constantly interrupted by missed texts, calls, social media notifications and emails we missed. All of those things are people wanting something from us! So when starting your day never start it by answering to others first answer to yourself in order to be productive. I call it getting your income producing task done because that is the most important part that comes with being a successful business owner.

  1. Business Mixed with Pleasure!

Another great way of having self care as an entrepreneur is knowing how to mix business with pleasure sometimes. Whether it be a networking event at a bar or some type of social environment that allows you to have fun and even possibly do business too. I can say that most of my close business partners I met in a none business setting and from there we were able to schedule a meeting to talk about business more. Meeting people in more casual settings makes it easier to start conversations that can lead to future business and not be forced! Natural connection and business relationships are always better than things that are forced. Also, meeting people in a casual setting can allow you to see who they truly are and not a fake business front!

  1. Massages

A lot of times people hold their stress in their back so it is very important to utilize things like massages to help you relax, have a moment of peace to be able to physically and mentally get yourself prepared and ready to conquer even more then you have already. On average, it is great to receive a professional massage once or twice a month. How can you truly be successful in other areas of your life if you don’t take care of yourself first? It’s impossible because the long hours an entrepreneur works you will tear your body down if you don’t find ways to take care of it. You can utilize sites like Groupon to get one at a very affordable rate as well.

  1. Meditation

Everyone meditates differently due to the fact it’s about finding what works for you. It maybe deep breathing, listening to calming music, doing yoga, etc. Whatever it maybe as long as it works for you and allows you to focus keep doing it! Meditation is a great way to start your day.

Personally while I meditate I like to breathe deeply, listen to ocean music and focus on my future life and everything that will be in it. This allows me to manifest my goals and future on a daily basis and go throughout my day focused on taking actions that relate to what I want in my future.

It’s so important to utilize these different methods in a way that fits you and your schedule! The more they fit into your life the more you will be willing to make it happen no matter what and you will see how much it will affect all areas of your life.

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