Life is so much easier when you know your purpose. Knowing what direction to travel allows you to proceed with passion. During middle school, I spent a lot of time defeating classmates in PE competitions like the Shuttle Run, Flexed Arm Hang, 50-yard dash, sit-ups etc. Back then I didn’t really understand the talents that I possessed. I just knew I could run really fast and I liked to compete and win. It all came so naturally. I am Ericka Herd here is brief story of my journey to fitness.

My career in the fitness world has been quite successful. I have earned many different titles and awards and I have competed on a national stage three times. I am currently working to become a professional bodybuilder. My experience as a bodybuilder helped me to start my own fitness business. Prime Tyme Fitnez, the name of my company was developed to help individuals reach fitness goals. I create meal plans and customized workout plans. I do a lot of personal training and I teach fitness classes.


Self Love Mentally Fit


A lot of people struggle with self-love. They struggle because they don’t understand what it means to have self-love. Most individuals grapple with its concepts or the depths associated with self-love. One dictionary defines love as having a great interest and pleasure in something. So, what is self-love? Self-love is having the ability to love yourself selfishly and unconditionally. Self-love is also having a great interest and pleasure in who you are as a person.

One might ask what this has to do with being fit and in shape. The body follows the mind. In other words, what you think about comes through in your actions. The vast majority of the population wants to be fit. However, they lack the mental part that compliments the physicality of it all. For example, many people will start a fitness routine and quickly stumble due to mental weakness. The excuses come. “It hurts. I’m sore” . . . and so forth. Of course it hurts. Of course you are going to be sore. When your mental taps out the physical taps out too. Those that want to improve their fitness do not always have the tenacity to press forward. The lack stems from an ill prepared mental. See being fit is more mental than physical. Tell yourself you can do it and you will do it.

Love yourself enough to not only recognize there is a problem but also that something needs to be done – put a plan in place. Self-love gives us permission to be selfish in order to make the necessary adjustments. Self-love helps us love ourselves unconditionally, even in our lowest state. The unconditional self-love ignites a fire helping us identify those weaknesses in hopes of improving our interest and pleasure in ourselves.

None of us are exempt from imperfections. We are undoubtedly going to make mistakes, that is the human way. However, in those imperfect moments we need to reflect and make plans to move ahead allowing us to love ourselves in a greater capacity than ever before. The love that you have for yourself should be unconditional. Recognize that you make errors. Don’t beat yourself up rather look at Self in the mirror and promise to do better.

When you love yourself, you take care of yourself. Unless you are first well, you cannot sufficiently care for others. See self-love involves recognizing your own s***, sitting in your s***, smelling your own s**** and cleaning up your own s****. When you love yourself you want better for yourself. You fight for yourself. You plan better. You make decisions better. You love better. You want everything around you better; you become mentally fit.


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