This year has been a very challenging year for us all. Coming into 2020 I had all these goals and things I had planned to do. I’m a firm believer in Habakkuk 2:2; Write the vision and make it plain. I had made a list of things I planned to do and started out in a sprint as I do every year. I had finished most of them by March then Covid hit. I found myself asking how will I finish the remainder of my list, primarily a book I’ve been wanting to write.

New Normal

Working from home, wearing a mask in public, no social events, being quarantined, kids attending school via zoom has now become our new normal. We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments this year but it doesn’t mean during adversity we still can’t finish strong! It’s often in times as this when we produce our best work. I’ve never been one to work well under pressure (so I thought) but sometimes things happen to push us out of our comfort zone.

If we are not being stretched, then we’re not growing! It’s allowed us to put things in perspective, slow down and enjoy the things we’ve haven’t had time to do and that matters the most. I’ve used this time wisely to be productive including writing and publishing my first book “The Best Version of Me”!


In this book I share my journey on how I allowed things and circumstances to define me all my life and how God has transformed me into who I am today.  During my time of writing I’ve done a lot of healing and changed my perspective even in a time of a pandemic. I’ve decided to change the way I do things and that I can still be successful during this time.

We have to be a little more intentional and creative in reaching others than what we use to. I think it’s a breath of fresh air because it has forced us to move differently. It’s giving me more opportunity to work with my life coaching clients since I’m working from home, I can extend my hours of availability.

I have the opportunity to speak more and reach people that I normally would have reached by having online conferences without having to travel. So no matter what you have going on, use this time wisely to do some things you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t find the time before.


We may have to change the way we do things, but it may also be an advantage and enlarge our territory at the same time. There’s no time like the present to start! Starting is usually the hardest thing to do. Although some things have went back to normal, it doesn’t mean you have to. Invest in yourself and you’ll always get a return!

The woman you’ve always wanted to be is waiting on the women you are today to start moving! Every day you let go by is a day you will look back and wish you would have started. But every day you do it and look back, is a day you’ll be thankful how far you’ve come! So finish 2020 strong and go into 2021 with new goals, a new mindset and new ambitions!

You can go into the new year already being a new you rather than just starting a new list! Make up your mind to do it differently; Study while they party, decided while they doubt, begin while they procrastinate, pray while they worry, give while they hoard, persist while they quit, listen while they talk, love while they hate. Remember the only way we fail is if we never try!

Article By Tonya Williams

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