You’re not alone. It’s tough, out there in the world. You feel like you’re fighting a battle on all fronts and you don’t know how to make it stop. There are so many demands and too little time.

Taking control of your life will help you feel more empowered and in charge. You’ll be able to make decisions that are best for you, rather than feeling like a victim of circumstance or others’ demands. You may even find yourself asking less from others because you realize that it’s not always their responsibility to provide what you need. It’s up to you.

In order to take control, we need to stop waiting for external factors to change and start taking more responsibility for our lives. We need to be proactive and make changes ourselves.

So, what should you do to take your life back?

1) Track Your Time – Know how much time you spend doing each day and week.

2) Build Better Boundaries – Create boundaries for your personal life, work-life, and leisure time.

3) Take Care of Yourself – Eat well, exercise regularly, take care of your mental health.

4) Find Support – Find a support system to help support your efforts to take control.

5) Remember That It’s Okay to Say No- It’s okay to say no when people ask too much or put pressure on you.

It’s tough to admit that somewhere along your journey you let you slip. It’s OK it happens to the best of us, we all are a work in progress.

Just take it back now, NOT tomorrow but now!

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