Hey Hey Hey…. You Amazing Soul,

How you living? I hope all is well, if not let’s change that! Each day you have a choice to decide your day, DECIDE today will be a good day, nothing else.

There are many oppositions showing up in our world currently making this year one for us to ask, what else???

When you turn on the television we are dealing with pandemic, racisms, politics and all things negative. To be honest, this can put a damper on us individually and collectively but there are solutions to change it.

If 2020 have not taught you anything it has made a big statement which says, “Reset, Reflect and Restore.” Truth be told, this is going to be our new normal, the question is what can we do to make it a positive experience?

Everyone is dealing with something on a daily but the key is take one day at time and make that day the best it can be.

No days are the same. Instead of complaining, being negative or giving up let’s shift the atmosphere by showing compassion, kindness and smile as we push through the new normal. Small acts of kindness daily can make our new normal easier to deal with it.

Here is a little list to start:

Smile to a stranger

Ask someone how are they doing

Sprinkle kindness like its confetti

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Express gratitude daily

Have fun

Spend “unattached” time with family and friends. Forget the news, social media or phone to bond with your love ones with no interruptions.

Create your own positive list

Do at least 1 positive thing towards a stranger

If nothing else use this quote to bring some sunshine back: “You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar.”

Love Your Favorite,


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