Traveling is life, this is your traveling Sista Manina Saunders and I’ll be sharing my passion and love of traveling. First, a little bit about myself. I’m a 52-year-old single woman, that discovered a love of traveling at a very young age. My father was in the navel reserves and I remember going with my mother to pick him up at Bowman Field, a small airport in my hometown Louisville, Kentucky. As we pull up I would see aircraft taking off and landing. It was magical, and I would imagine myself on one going anywhere in the world that my heart desired. I dreamed of one day becoming a Pilot, or Flight Attendant, but life happens, and dreams change. Through this section of the SHE WINNING BLOG, I hope to inspire you to explore a new destination or to just take a stay-cation in your city or state. I’ll give you tips on how to travel within your budget, also tell you about some great travel clubs.

Although I love to travel, I really dislike packing for a trip or unpacking afterwards. Some people get excited about planning their wardrobe for their trip. Placing it neatly in their bags, making list and checking it repeatedly to make sure they don’t forget anything. Not me I am usually last minute and most of the time my bedroom looks like a bomb exploded in my closets and dresser drawers. So, my packing leaves a lot to be desired. But once I’m packed it’s on!!!!

I love to travel, immerse myself into the lives of other cultures, talk to total strangers about what they love about their city or country. Trying different foods and finding a new adventure. Taking a eat, walk, drink tour in Puerto Rico, meander through a museum or old church, sit on the beach and watch the sunset or sunrise. There is so much to see and explore in this world.

Self care through Traveling

Traveling is a form of self-care for me. It can be for you also. First self-care is important for you, to be the best you for yourself and your loved ones. Second if you don’t take care of the most important person in your life “yourself”, who’s going to take care of you. I travel because I love it!! Love to explore new and fascinating places. I love museums, botanical gardens, zoo’s, beaches, and landmarks, just to name few. But most importantly I love to just take a day or two, and breath. So most times wherever I go I just sit somewhere in silence and take a deep breath. Just take in whatever beautiful place or thing I’m looking at. Here are a few self-care tips while traveling. 1. Set aside some time to just do something for yourself. For example if you’re staying at a resort that has a spa get a massage, manicure, facial, or pedicure. 2. Take a walk alone on the beach, in a park, or just sit in the lobby. Hotel lobbies can be very relaxing and often times the decor creates a relaxing ambiance. 3. Go to the gym at the hotel and sweat a little bit. Walk on the elliptical, or treadmill. For some women exercising is relaxing and refreshing. The best advice I can give you about self-care through traveling, is always schedule some “YOU” time to just do something special for yourself. Remember you are one of God’s greatest creations put here to enjoy all of His creation!!! So whatever you do or wherever you go…Keep Praying, Keep Praising, and Keep Moving!!!

As stated earlier I hope to inspire you to explore your city, take that airplane ride you’ve been afraid to take, take that solo vacation, or plan an awesome family vacation.

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