There are several types of love, there’s Syorge which is the love one has for their family. There’s Phileo which is brotherly love or it seeks to make one happy. there’s Eros love which is the sexual or passionate love. Then you have the Agape love which is the sacrificial love. Depending on your situation none of these loves can work for you. In this season in my life I can say that I have really come to experience Syorge, Phileo and Agape love like I never have before. Let me explain!! About the last couple of weeks in December up until now has been a trying time in my family life. On the 3rd of January of this year my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer!! The last thing any family wants to hear. We shared with our children and other family members, then we began to reach beyond the family to people whose lives we had sown seeds of love, wisdom, time, money, whatever they may have needed when they needed. We just wanted people to come in agreement with us and believe God’s healing and strength to be with us on this journey but I tell you, the phone calls, texts, emails, cards, and prayers began to come in where such a blessing to us even from people we didn’t know. We felt all of the love that was mentioned earlier. It’s in these kinds of situations when you find out who really loves you or was it just vain words. The support we got from these people gave us not only hope but it gave us strength to get up when we didn’t feel like it. Galatians 6;7 says that what so ever one soweth that shall he also reap. I’ve said all of that to say this, the power of love brings hope, strength and life, it never fails, it keeps you, it saves, it heals, it reminds you that it’s not over and that you’re never alone. It bears all things, endures all things, it believes all things, hopes all things. 1Corinth.13:6-8THE POWER of REAL LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!!

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