The well-being of womanhood is affected by several determinants ranging from financial stability and child rearing to favorable health, formal education, and a good hustle. The value of a woman is equal to the attention she provides for herself; aside from God, the loudest clap of approval should come from her. The key points addressed below are the concerns facing women globally, however, they are not all inclusive. There are endless lists of factors that push-and-pull woman through society norms, achievements, and ill-fated outcomes. Still, it is fascinating how we repeatedly RISE to the occasion of continuance. We continue to push forward, to inspire, to raise hell, to wait for our turn, and to demand our respect. Equal to the male population, women have historically stood their ground through risk and redemption. No angel is more important than the other but priorities must be set to remain stable, otherwise the shape will become irregular, weakened, and out of balance. Women are a fortress, capable of forgiving, loving, and thriving. I employ you to protect your PENTAGON and allow you STAR to shine.

Here are few encouraging moments for you to take flight and rise:

Business Skills and Networking Women must be taught and encouraged to nurture business skills and not be afraid to network inside and outside their comfort zone. One of the simplest things to start with is a personal, individual savings account. Have a plan for your income tax return. Save spare coins in a jar, cash-out at the end of the year, and either deposit in the bank or use it to pay down a bill. Check online community calendars for financial literacy events and networking opportunities, schedule the event on your phone or in your planner then ATTEND. Webinars are a great alternative to physically being present Create a business card enclosed with your photo and keep them on you at all times.

Build self-esteem and confidence Grow your faith in God, get as much formal education you can afford, sharpen your street-smarts at every opportunity, and be open to self-forgiveness. Often, we blame ourselves for past mistakes, poor judgement, and bad choices as though we don’t deserve redemption. Tell yourself “I can do this and if I can’t, I will find someone who can help me.”

Decrease the urge to Please Everyone It’s okay to help others but not everybody, all the time. Learn to say “No,” mean it, and not feel guilty about it.

Make your health a priority Make time for a simple regiment that involves 20 to 30 minutes of exercise like walking, jumping rope, jogging, kick boxing, or dancing. Exercise your brain by reading, listening to music, or doing puzzles and board games. Avoid fad diets and learn to shop wisely and within your budget. Try to avoid drama in order to lower your stress levels. Get your proper amount rest.

Love and Respect Yourself Spend less time blaming others for your pain, feelings of self-doubt, and anger. Know your worth and don’t base it on the approval of others. Don’t put yourself down because of how you look, what you don’t have, and what has been done to you. Instead, clap for yourself! Build your own net worth and ensure your self-respect is unshakeable.

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Sisterly LOVE,

LTC(Ret) Terry G. Owens

Former Army Medical Command

Human Resource Manager

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