There’s nothing quite like fiending to have your body back after having children. After all, majority of us women (before birthing the babes), probably prided ourselves on a healthy physical physique. I know, because that was ME too! HA! Then my first kid came along at the age of 20. And that second kid came almost 4 years later via C-section! My body took a nosedive.

Gravity was no longer my friend lol. Somewhere in between raising my beauties, marrying, divorcing, marrying again, divorcing again, your girl just wanted to get all the SEXY back she had before. Got tired of acting like I felt good in the unhealthy skin I was in. Back in 2014, the non-traditional method of health and fitness came knocking on my door, and yep, I answered. Why? Because during my busy life, and eventually single parent-isms, I was given the blueprint of structured in-home convenience in my fitness and the goodness of simple nutrition & portion control. Yo, it rocked my ever-loving world! Now this momma got all the SEXY back, has kept off 30+ pounds, and now coaches & mentors’ other women on how to make this lifestyle work for their busy lives as well.If you are a busy mom like me and:

**You desire structured, convenient in-home fitness**You have at least 30-45 minutes a day**You want to eat real food and not be restricted**You don’t mind being a part of a virtual accountability group**You don’t mind having me as your CoachThen this is for YOU!!A regular everyday mom, that is ready to put in the work to get back to her own kind of SEXY!!P.S. No woman curves were lost in this process. So, if you are looking for a fad diet, this isn’t it!

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