What does TOP stand for? I am using today for Thrive On Purpose.

Look at this way, you are renewed daily, given another opportunity to show up in your life so why not thrive? When you think of the word thrive, what comes to mind? I see the word as one that means flourishing or prosper. Next is the word purpose.  Purpose means: which something exists and created for. You are created for greater.

The two words combine equals you. Everything about you prosper with purpose. Thrive on purpose is getting into action purposefully. Nothing about your life represents useless but it is filled with abundance. Since this is a do-over, better known as a new 365 days why not thrive instead of surviving? Life is for the living, begin this year with living loudly. Make a decision to play full out with no excuses or distractions stopping you from obtaining the happiness, love and life you desire.

Here are a few pearls you can Thrive On Purpose with:

  1. Know Thyself. Be clear on your desires for your life. A person with clarity has a better insight on the direction their life will flow.
  2. Practice gratitude daily. Focus on your cup more full than empty. Eliminate pessimistic attitudes and behaviors from existing in your process.  There is no space to rent.
  3. Surround yourself with other thrivers. Be motivated by your circle. The people you surround yourself with should give you the extra boost of energy and stamina to get you motivated enough to want to buildup your muscles to grow higher. Help one another reach the top.

If 2020 didn’t show you anything it should have awakened you to realize: life changes in a blank of eye, so why not thrive to your highest self? Living in the sandbox days are over!

Cheers to the new 365,



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