Happy Wednesday everyone! In this week’s blog we are going to breakdown the 3 P’s of women empowerment and how you can use them effectively in your life. As we discussed last week, the 3 P’s are purposeful, powerful and prosperous. So, sit back and enjoy the read!

First is being purposeful. Showing dedication takes skill. We know for most of us it is sometimes very hard to keep going and not procrastinate. There is a way to help keep this from happening though. Give yourself time. Set a date for when you have time to get whatever you need done. This gives you some purpose and allows you to know you’re going to excel at whatever you take on. Be confident!

Next up is being powerful. Being powerful is just as easy as slicing a piece of bread. Everyone is powerful in their own way. Different people demonstrate different types of power in their life. Though there are a few ways to strengthen the power that resides within each and every one of you. One of those ways is self care. Take care of yourself ladies! Give yourself a day of relaxation. Allow yourself to collect your thoughts and be you. Doing this will shape you into a more powerful and confident person over time. It can be hard to empower yourself and others, but you have to persevere.

Lastly being prosperous, cause let’s face it we all want to excel. Just like being powerful, we are all prosperous in different ways. It may be in love, money, business or something else. Who knows! We know that each of you prosper in some way though. Sometimes it may feel like you haven’t earned what you receive or you may not have enough motivation to prosper. You all earn what you receive. We are all independent people who deserve to be prosperous. A few ways we know of to help benefit you to be prosperous are being respectful, setting boundaries and self love. Being respectful allows you to receive what you give. Setting boundaries sets standards for others to respect you. Self love allows you to care for yourself and be YOU! So get out there and be prosperous!

Thanks so much for reading this week’s blog and checking out the website. Remember, follow the 3 P’s. You are purposeful. You are powerful. You are prosperous. Until we speak, Stay AMAZING and have positive productive week!

Your Favorite Andrena

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