The Confident ME

Our environments and the humans that share the space can be a huge part of the confidence puzzle. As children, it is most often the neighborhood kids that begin the uplift or tear down this thing that we are born to carry, called confidence. Yelp, it is in us at birth, we come here fully equipped to say what’s on our mind, to boldly step into a room or to simply be who we feel most comfortable being, and then…. Life begins to unfold and depending on the folds – you remain, you gain, or you lose your confident self. I know, because it happened to ME.

As a Christian woman it is not always easy to tell others that you have lost sight of who God says that are and what God says that you are called to do – and so we hide behind a Romans 8:28 or Jeremiah 29:11, hoping and wishing that nobody’s notices how shallow our voice has become and dim our light. Maybe you have been told “NO!”, too many times. Maybe you felt ashamed, too many times. Maybe you are confused or riddle with chaos, and you simply don’t know enough about you – to be confident in you.

Ultimately my friend, confidence doesn’t require any outside forces – nope not even the neighborhood kids that called you four-eyes (my story) or the romantic partner that does not validate your feelings – confidence, real confidence, what I like to call GODfidence, only requires that you have strong understanding and acceptance of who GOD created you to be. That knowing lies within you; thus, confidence is an internal awaking of your true self with an unapologetic, won’t back down, don’t give up attitude. Knowing that you have not only a right, but every right to stand firm in loving – YOU, protecting – YOU, nourishing – YOU while serving OTHERS. Yes, your reasonable service those in your environment – those same ones that called you bucked tooth and nappy head (not my story), those same one that oftentimes unknowingly where chipping away and your GODfience, those are the ones that need your light to shine the brightest. They need you to be the most confident YOU. How do I know? Well that it what it took for me to become the confident ME.

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