Hello everybody! We are right back at it in the beautiful month of April! To start this month’s blog series we will be talking about confidence and a few ways to be confident every day. Confidence is the belief in oneself, the ability to have a realistic sense of what one can achieve, and the willingness to act accordingly when faced with any task. There are multiple ways to stay confident every day so let’s get right to it!

Hi! Just saying “Hi!” as I did is one way to strengthen your confidence. Taking that first step to start a conversation shows the attempt and effort behind someone’s actions. The more conversations you start and have, the greater your confidence may grow. Not to mention, starting and continuing conversations also strengthens your social skills. Social skills are a huge factor in confidence and staying confident every day!

Another way to stay confident every day is hyping yourself up. You are amazing! Every one of you has something unique about yourself! Take whatever that is and apply it. In the meanwhile, set goals and reward yourself. Start with small tasks to achieve and then proceed to bigger ones. This will help to better yourself and your confidence.

One last way to grow your confidence and stay confident every day is learning something new. If you learn something new relating to a topic you enjoy, you are more likely to talk about it and engage in social activities. Also, learning something new engages you in conversation with whoever is teaching you. Typically our teachers are adults or those close to us. Either way, learning something new also enhances the bond between the student and the teacher. So get out there and learn something new!

I truly hope this blog helps at least a few of you stay confident every day. If you would like to see more ways on how to stay confident every day I suggest doing some extensive research on the topic. In the meanwhile, maybe look further into my website? My entire organization is about strengthening YOU as a person. Until next week everybody! Stay safe and DO YOU!

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