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Beyond Adversity: Chronicles of Trailblazing Women

Welcome to the official landing page for “Beyond Adversity: Chronicles of Trailblazing Women.” Dive into a captivating anthology featuring stories of extraordinary women who have conquered challenges and emerged stronger than ever before.

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“What I”ve experienced will help you persevere…” is Valerie Stancill’s mantra. After living through her own trials and setbacks, she knew her experiences were not only for her. That’s why Valerie moves full steam ahead to fulfill her passion to educate, empower, inspire, and equip women to regain control of their lives and wellness so they can enjoy emotional, mental, and spiritual abundance.   Valerie completed her studies in Applied Science at Lyons Technical Institute and B.Sc. in Health Arts at the University of St. Francis; and worked at various hospitals in trauma and the OR. She left the hospital to work in corporate America as a medical product specialist before retiring in 2014.

Valerie is a six time best-selling author, mentor, life coach and domestic violence advocate. She continues to write books and speak to help women get through grief, depression, trauma and domestic violence. Valerie is the founder of BeHEaRd Ministries( Believing, Empowering, Healing, Encouraging, Restoring) and Studios. BeHEaRd Ministries was founded to help provide a safe and supportive space for women who are facing emotional issues and trauma.   Valerie has been interviewed on various podcasts, such as Let’s Talk; In Search of Me Now; Thursday Talk with Misha; Talks with Tanya; An Array of Hope; and Gospel Radio. Not one to rest on her laurels, Valerie is also the host of the Speak Up & Speak Loud (BeHEaRd Studios) broadcast on Facebook;.
She has also spoken on a Domestic Violence Awareness panels, and at various conferences and workshops, including WE Believe You S.O.S.; empowHER; It’s A Sistah Thing!; Around the Table; and at the Rutgers School of Business as an entrepreneur.

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