What are you afraid of? Do you realize how AMAZING you are? BEAUTY is your name.

I am here to remind you – you, the woman in the mirror, you are WINNING! You must begin to readjust your view and look at that woman staring back at you with a new pair of eyes. Eyes that no longer revisit past experiences but firmly focused on the future.

Yes, that woman in the mirror is overcoming the pain. She is courting prosperity and purpose and her life is never going to be the same again. She is on her way to BECOMING the woman she has always wanted to BE.

Dear one, may I remind you to stop giving the world a false representation of who you are by dimming down the woman in the mirror. Do not downplay the sacrifices she made to be where she is today. Has she not paid the price that most are unwilling to pay? It’s for that alone that she deserves honor, love and respect. Now let her proudly carry her trophy, and adjust her crown to that perfect angle because SHE is a winner!

Once in a while, the woman from the past will try to whisper the old lies to you. She will attempt to remind you of your past given that she played a role in it. However, do not entertain her accusing voice, reject her invitation down memory lane. Firmly remind her of the new woman – the woman in the mirror.

Understand that the woman looking back at you is overly talented, she is gifted and right on the path to fulfilling her purpose. Show her love, allow her to experience light, and let her laughter emanate from deep down her soul. Pure and unhindered laughter.

Most importantly, forgive yourself. So what if you made mistakes? To err is human. And no life can be lived without mistakes.

You are simply an imperfect vessel but on your own version of a perfect journey. From today onwards, whatever you do, do not deny the woman in the mirror her best life. Go ahead and put on your red lipstick, let the whole world know how much you are in love with her. That WOMAN in the mirror.

So every time you wear your red lipstick, repeat:

“I love HER the woman I SEE in the mirror.”

Love Your Favorite,

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