Your book is the voice your people need to hear -Sharlrita Deloatch-

Hi my name is Sharlrita Deloatch and I help coaches and speakers write, publish and market their Signature book so that they can FINALLY get your message out to the masses.

Before becoming an author of 9 books and an International book publishing strategist I’ve never imagined writing a book or helping other Speakers and Coaches to do the same. It was back in 2014 I heard the voice of God tell me to “open my mouth” I didn’t know what he meant at the moment but boy do I know now.

I started off in the entrepreneurship world as a Speaker. I’ve been afforded so many amazing opportunities to speak on various platforms live and virtual to impact many audiences to learn how to package their knowledge and story into a Signature book and Speaking platform. This is coming from a woman who is a convicted felon in the state of North Carolina helping so many women get your voices heard. I knew what it was like to experience being locked up in a jail physically and to also have my voice locked up because of fear of what people will think and say. I knew I had to get over myself and learn that my voice was truly not for me but for those who needed me.

I want to share with you 3 ways you get started right NOW to your message out into the world.

  1. Write: Take the time to write out your expertise (what you’re the at doing) and story. I want you to find that connection point that will help your audience to their next level. Remember you’re writing your story as a Victor not a Victim.

  2. Publish: After you write. You can publish your writing as a blog, a eBook, newsletter or even a physical book. Choose one avenue to tell everyone you know.

  3. Speak: I believe the top way to market your written work is by speaking. You can begin building your speaking platform by taking some of the step you’ve written and creating your Signature Speech. Use the power of social media and sound the alarm that you’re now a speaker. Let your audience know what you speak about which is primarily what your book is about.

Now here’s your call to action. Once you’ve done those three steps I want you to connect with me in my community for Speaker’s and Coaches and share your biggest takeaway. Connect with me at and let’s get started.

Talk soon


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