Belief is the acceptance of a truth, or an opinion. And whether your belief leads you down the

aisle to be married to the love of your life, or to Jesus, the lover of your very soul, you had to

first believe. Do you believe in the magic that IS you? That’s not a typo, either. There is a magic

that IS you, Sis, and it is your God given duty to own it, strut in it, and spread it everywhere you

go. No matter what your beginning was, take heart in knowing that the Author and Finisher of

your faith has an amazing purpose created just for you. IF YOU ONLY BELIEVE.

You’re fierce. You’re necessary. You’re a catechism of soul, power, and beauty. And I just

stopped by to remind you to exercise belief in the magic that IS you so that you can continue to

climb, continue to be catalysts for change, and continue to exude your special brand of

awesome sauce all over the world!

I am your girl KristieLove, and I appreciate you hearing me with your heart. I’d love to connect

with each of you. Please stop by my page KristieLove’s World on FB, talktokristielove on IG, or

shoot an email to

Continue to BE BOLD, BE YOU, and BE INTENTIONAL IN LOVING YOU! KristieLove loves


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