KeepMovinWithAndrena’s CEO & Founder Andrena Phillips is a dynamic Master Life Strategist (Personal Development), Motivational Speaker & Published Author.

In 2015 I launched KMWA with a vision of helping other women regain a sense of control after I myself was able to overcome low self-esteem, heal from a past that didn’t leave physical scars, but bruised all the same, and finally learn how to move forward by understanding the value of my worth. Once I declared that I AM WORTHY, I understood my purpose.

I was able to rebuild my life on my terms and I wanted that for any woman who has ever been in a similar cycle of despair and self-sabotage. KMWA is my testament to the power of empowering your inner goddess through the transformation of how you perceive your role in your life’s story. You are in control.

I decided that sharing my experiences might inspire other women to fall in love with their authentic selves. When I started my journey, I trusted that the woman I am today is who I was meant to be— the embodiment of perfect imperfection laden with determination. I decide who I am today, the woman I was yesterday, and who she’d become tomorrow. I encourage you, decide who you are and BECOME Her!

“Own your greatness; it’s your birthright.”

Love Always,