RISE…Encourage Yourself To GET UP

The well-being of womanhood is affected by several determinants ranging from financial stability and child rearing to favorable health, formal education, and a good hustle. The value of a woman is equal to the attention she provides for herself; aside from God, the loudest clap of approval should come from her. The key points addressed […]


Your book is the voice your people need to hear -Sharlrita Deloatch- Hi my name is Sharlrita Deloatch and I help coaches and speakers write, publish and market their Signature book so that they can FINALLY get your message out to the masses. Before becoming an author of 9 books and an International book publishing […]

Chelsea Ellis

As a senior in high school 5 years ago I had to make the decision of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and the only thing I knew was I wanted to be happy and financially stable. From there I went on a search for who I was, what I […]

SEXY Mom Vibes

There’s nothing quite like fiending to have your body back after having children. After all, majority of us women (before birthing the babes), probably prided ourselves on a healthy physical physique. I know, because that was ME too! HA! Then my first kid came along at the age of 20. And that second kid came […]


There are several types of love, there’s Syorge which is the love one has for their family. There’s Phileo which is brotherly love or it seeks to make one happy. there’s Eros love which is the sexual or passionate love. Then you have the Agape love which is the sacrificial love. Depending on your situation […]

Manina Saunders

Traveling is life, this is your traveling Sista Manina Saunders and I’ll be sharing my passion and love of traveling. First, a little bit about myself. I’m a 52-year-old single woman, that discovered a love of traveling at a very young age. My father was in the navel reserves and I remember going with my […]

Ericka Herd

Life is so much easier when you know your purpose. Knowing what direction to travel allows you to proceed with passion. During middle school, I spent a lot of time defeating classmates in PE competitions like the Shuttle Run, Flexed Arm Hang, 50-yard dash, sit-ups etc. Back then I didn’t really understand the talents that […]

Georgia McCullum

I’m the editor of the She Winning Blog. My passion is helping others, I’ve always had that nurturing side of me so I always want to help and take care of others. I have one child whom is 22 years old Rahdel who is my world. I’m from Joliet, Illinois but reside in Radcliff, Kentucky, […]

Gail Tucker

I’m Gail Tucker, a wife of 26 years, to my wonderful husband, Seldrick Tucker. I’m a mother of 4 amazing children,14 beautiful grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I am also a cosmetologist for over 25 years owning my own business. I’m a Elder at Restoration Worship Center in Radcliff, Kentucky, where we love people and […]